Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day...part 1

Where do you think you are going?
To school silly!
I told Parker to get in the shower this morning and that he could wear his rubber boots and rain coat to school today. He replied with, "That's today already?"My big boy will head to 5 afternoons of preschool this year. So far he has done okay with no naps in the afternoon, I am sure school with tire him out but am confident he will make it through the day.
Emmitt doesn't know it yet, but his days at Stephie's are going to drastically change. He is going to be one of the big kids in the afternoon when all the other kids are gone to school. He'll still be napping of course and may have no idea though!
My four (and a half) year old. He and mommy headed to Duluth yesterday for a mommy and Parker date day. We had a blast, I let him pick out his own clothes (for the most part), we ate out our meals together, held hands as we walked around the shops, and he through his penny in the wishing well and said, "I wish for mommy and me to have a great date day!".
He up(down) graded to a smaller backpack this year. The last years red one was just too huge, but we'll save it for another year. He picked out Iron Man for this year's theme. He by far was the most excited about his new Batman shirt! He is also very excited to wear his new runners that he can tie himself.
Papa is picking Parker up from daycare everyday and will bring him to school. I have him and Summer taking pics today of the drop off...those will come soon. And of course the "off the bus" pictures this afternoon! Should be a fun day...

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