Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Vegas Virgin

So my hubby still continues to surprise me...he was approached by the Ruds to go to Vegas. He has been approached for the last 3 years to go to Vegas and always says no. But not this time. He says "why not?". At first I thought he was talking about just going with some guys, but no, he wants to go as a couple. Just him and I! Of course we would be with the Ruds, but kid free. A quick trip-Friday to Monday. So today, I booked a weekend trip to Vegas. I think I am still a little in shock about how on-a-whim this whole thing is...but super excited. The tickets and hotel are super cheap. I never buy anything in Vegas but food and drinks, so I am sure this isn't going to be cheap after we are done. I don't love Vegas but he is a Vegas Virgin and I plan to show him how much fun it can be! I had a blast one of the first times I ever went to Vegas. It was actually a Curves trip, but I wasn't working it. I took my sister Debs-another Vegas Virgin-and we hardly slept and saw everything in Vegas! We even won some money. We still laugh about the dorky $5 sunglasses we bought in Vegas. Bear and Rich do gamble so I will really get to see that side of Vegas that I don't normally see. Hope to take in a show while we are there...can't wait!
I may even catch Davina while she is still in Vegas...she is always on my list when I am out there.

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