Monday, December 7, 2009


I am exhausted! Who knew a weekend away from the kids, shopping (literally) until we dropped, sleeping in (sort of) and a ton of laughing could wear a person out! Me and 3 girls, Erin, Lisa and Regan-took a weekend away to get ALL of our Christmas shopping done. We made it a girls weekend too (of course). We all needed the weekend away and fully deserved every minute of it! I think we can all say we are done or almost done with our shopping. A few of us went overboard and fully admit it. But what a blast! We ate out, enjoyed great food, had a few drinks, laughed until we cried and spent 3 days/2 nights-alone! Meanwhile the daddies all got to bond with the babes. It's nice for the dads and kids to be together alone too-they need their daddy time. Now it's back to the real world...I did not get enough sleep last night-which 8 hours usually does the trick for most people, I don't think there is enough coffee to get me through the day...but I am going to put on a smile, hum some Nick Nagurski Christmas music and do it!

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