Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sprinkles, frosting, & more sprinkles

We decorated sugar cookies this weekend and I still have frosting and sprinkles throughout my house! What a blast though. Emmitt actually knew what to do this year with decorating the cookies. Each cookie he started to put frosting on, he ended up eating the whole thing. Not to mention the bowl of sugar frosting. He would repeatedly say no more everytime I busted him with a cookie in his mouth.
Parker insisted on decorating an angel first and wanted it to be pink. Then he got the sprinkles out and wow! lots of sprinkles were used.
The boys were actually licking all the frosting off the little knives and redipping...we only fed them to family so no big deal.
Parker told Emmitt that the frosting on his chin made him look like Santa. Whenever Emmitt hears the word Santa he ho, hos. Only 2 hos, not 3. Way cute.

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beanski said...

soooo cute, they look so much alike! :) loved the christmas card!