Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sledding on the back nine

We decided to spend Christmas Eve morning at the golf course. It couldn't have been better. We had just gotten a ton of new snow, new sleds and a family to go down the hill with.
Shelby enjoyed hanging out with Emmitt and sledding down the hill with her cousins and aunties.
Emmitt wasn't too sure about going down the hill. I took him on my lap once and that was plenty for him. He got whitewashed on the way down and screamed until he was back under cover in the gazebo.
Nick had some great moves on the snowboard and a great face plant in the snowbank.
Tammy thought it would be fun to try to go down the hill on her belly. Well she hit the "ramp" and caught some air. She did a complete flip in the air and landed on her back. We knew she was okay when she came up white faced and laughing.Soon Scott followed and caught some air at the ramp. I'm still laughing at that one.Oh, Tracey came down and flipped off the ramp. I look at this picture and cannot figure out what angle her leg is at.Then to two sisters thought they would take the Monster sled down the hill together. Well of course they hit the ramp and crashed.
Nick's face plant off the hill via the snowboard.
By the time lunch rolled around we still had to walk the 1/2 mile back out of the course to the gate and our vehicles. Emmitt was beyond down and ready to go home.Uncle Scott pulled the boys out as we all followed carrying the sleds...what a fun morning.

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