Sunday, December 13, 2009

22 Months and he has escaped...

At 22 months you officially escaped from your crib and forced mommy and daddy to make you a big boy. We had been putting that off for as long as possible. But last week I got the call from Stephie at daycare asking if you crawl out of your crib at home. You had been crawling out of the playpen at her house. I said no. You hadn't even tried. The very next morning I see you at the bottom of the stairs smiling the biggest smile. You were so proud of yourself for crawling out of the crib and surprising all of us. Friday night-the first night routine after you had crawled out-I put you back into your crib 15 or more times. I would put you in, say goodnight, close the door and by the time I got back in bed you were standing at my door! I tried to stay mad at the fact that it was going to be a long night but I couldn't help but laugh at your expression when you were standing at the doorway. You would just smile and say hi. By 10:30 I gave in and let you fall asleep with me in my bed.
Saturday night we drove around looking at Christmas lights in our jammies and when you fell asleep in the car we just transferred you into the crib. We sort of cheated, but I was not going to go through a repeat of Friday night.
Sunday morning we made it official and turned your baby crib into a big boy bed. Daddy and I thought back and discussed the pros and many cons of when we did this with your brother. It was months of him sleeping on the floor, in front of the gate and never sleeping in his big boy bed. But when we put you to bed last night you stayed in your bed! You just kept saying pillow. blankie.lion. I let you jump around and play in the crib one last time before converting it. You and your brother had fun jumping and climbing. You were so excited to see the side rail go and the new little rail get put on. I am not sure what I was expecting but when you still decided to get out of the bed any way but normal, I can't say I was really surprised.That is just your personality. You do things for show and to see what kind of reaction you can get out of us. You definitely like the spotlight and enjoy performing. You have been saying more words every day. Your vocabulary has exploded in just a few short weeks. Your favorites are naming peoples clothing. You have really grown up in many ways the last couple of months. I can't believe in 2 shorts months you will be two years old! Where has my baby gone?

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beanski said...

we converted renee's bed over the weekend too :( sad, sad.