Sunday, December 27, 2009

Santa at the Mall

The day before Christmas Eve we headed out to the mall to visit Santa. Parker fully understands that this isn't the real Santa, but a helper of Santa's. This is the guy who will let Santa know what you would like for Christmas.
He went right up to him and said hey Santa, do you like my new Christmas jammies? He had been at a jammy/pizza party at daycare all day and that is what he wore to see Santa.
He told this Santa that he wanted some pretend puppies and Emmitt wanted some lions. Pretend ones, not real ones. Emmitt wouldn't come near Santa, he stood on the sidelines. When he thought I wasn't looking he would try to eat snow from the floor of the mall that people had tracked in with their boots!
As we were leaving Emmitt gave the big guy a wave goodbye. Santa came down the hall to give him a treat and gladly took it from him.

Until next year....

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