Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Hatrick=3 goals=Parker loves hockey=a really cool 3rd Birthday party

I brainstormed what on earth kind of theme I would do for this year's party. I just about did a plain 'ol Happy Birthday theme and then it hit me. HATRICK! In a hockey game, when you score 3 goals, it is a hatrick. What better than a hockey themed hatrick party?! I couldn't contain myself when I saw the black and white striped party supplies. So I tried to keep it pretty simple with black and white decorations. Black and White star balloons, weighted down with hockey pucks of course, all over the house. Striped tablecloth, plates and napkins. Hockey puck cookies with "black" and gray frosting complete with 3's on them for Stephie's. A double chocolate fudge cake with "black" frosting, meant to look like a hockey puck...topped with a Stanley Cup and 3 candles. I say "black" because the longest part of preparing for this party was dumping enough black food coloring into the frosting to make it black. Which I should mention turns your teeth and lips and any other body part that gets frosting on it a greenish purple color.

The double layered hockey puck cake The 2 referees of the party were of course mom and dad...the center was Bronco Parker.

He thoroughly enjoyed being sung to this year. Last year he was a little unsure of why all these people were singing to and staring at him.

Grandma Audrey in a Russian hockey jersey
Norm and Papa Don came in from the shack for the party. These two are joined at the hip during deer season. Both have their bucks of course. Norm shot the one Bear passed up. And Don of course shot a Unicorn as always. He actually thought is was a doe, but is famous for shooting the little guys...which is why we never have any big bucks at the shack.

The best dressed award goes to this crazy family! Again you'll recall that Derek is unable to take a serious picture. This kid makes me laugh every time I see him. These guys come to the party in old timer hockey gear and jerseys. Scott completed his look by borrowing his wife's eyeliner and marking up his face with stitches. It was super fun for the adults as well as the 3 year old.
Emmitt fit right into the mix of gift opening. He ate the paper and played on the boxes. Parker let him help open and play with the toys he got too.
Derek posing for Auntie
And our baby is 3. Still can't figure out where the last 3 years went but, he is still capable of being a mommas boy and snuggling right in with me.

A heads up for next year's theme...I could hardly make you wait until then to hear about it...FORE! Golf theme here I come...I know you are waiting, full of anticipation. and I have already found the green party supplies!!!

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Anonymous said...

Love the pics of Parker's b-day...he looks like such a big boy! And Emmitt...he makes me smile just to look at him! And I LOVE the themes you do for the parties - you're so creative! Laurie