Thursday, November 15, 2007

Parker turns 2

The Cake
The answer to the question you are asking! I did not make this cake. Patty Cakes did. I ordered the cake over the phone and said, he is 2 and he is really into Lightening McQueen. This is what she came up with. AND it tasted wonderful. It was carrot cake by the way.

Parker had a little cake for himself to dig into. Last year it worked, this year he would rather use a fork and try to eat the plastic balloons. This cake was white cake with white frosting (least messy) and had 2 erasers on it for decoration. He tried to eat those too, realized he couldn't and settled for liking all the frosting off.

Attempting to eat the fake balloons...playing with his new Lightening McQueen Car...

2 monkeys-the theme of the party was monkeys and Cars. These two monkeys are named: Kiki and Swinger-no joke! I thought they sounded like pole dancing monkeys but who am I to judge the beanie baby company?

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