Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Update on Lead levels

for those of you wondering, we got Parker's lead level update. Last year @ 12 months it was 7, the norm is 5. This year @ 24 months it was 3.3! Yeah it went way down. But, why was it so high last year? We have gone through a lot of his toys for the Made in China warning...but my mom came up with a theory, he was still teething last year and would "eat" the wooden built in bookcase in our house which I had painted. Of course there is paint underneath-lots of layers of paint underneath, and we live in an old house. So most likely his lead levels were up from that, of course he doesn't eat bookcases anymore so it explains why it is down. We still have a zillion toys to go through but we'll get them all out of the house. Check your labels when buying your Christmas gifts for young children for the Made in China warning and good luck-it's pretty hard to find something not made there!

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