Saturday, November 10, 2007

Orlando, Florida

My trip to Orlando proved to be a good one after all. I was really debating actually going. I first decided to take a job with Curves Int'l again, after having a year off. Part of the new job included training at our annual convention. The past four years have been in Las Vegas but I was glad to hear the change and to be going to Orlando. 2006 Vegas was the 'first' time I really left Parker. I brought my sister Deb along with me last year and we had a blast! She kept me from being sad about being gone. This year I was really apprehensive about going because I would basically be alone and away from Parker for 6 days. I found out just before going that my good friend Melissa had also taken the job and was going to be in Orlando. YEAH!! I am going to make it after all. It is amazing how much you can miss your child in just a few short days. I am taking the job to better our lives and hopefully create more opportunities to spend time together as a family. Well I did after all make it through the week of training and today I get to finish up and get on my homebound flight. I land at midnight tonight and get to wake up with my baby on his 2nd Birthday! I can't wait to hear him rustle around in his bed in the morning and sneak in there to see his face light up when he realizes I've come home! Precious. We will celebrate his birthday with family, cake, and balloons...

Rosen Shingle Creek Resort. 80 and sunny most of the days, I did manage to lay by the pool for 2 hours during the whole trip!

My windows view of the golf course, one of nine. If I could only have played 18 holes...only a $109 green fee.

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anne.bjerken said...

Congrats on the new (old) job! I hope it brings many new opportunities to the Ole household.