Friday, November 16, 2007

28 Weeks and 2 Year Well Child Checkup

Parker and I both had our checkups this week. Mine was for a regular ob checkup, his was the well child check for turning 2. We managed to schedule them together which I thought was a good idea and turned out to be 2 hours at the clinic...overall it went just fine. I had my glucose test and have the results already and everything is just fine. They told me that if you show up with gestational diabetes it is usually with your first baby. I am on the other hand anemic. Which, I have been iron deficient for years and borderline anemic but now I have actually crossed the line. Basically it explains why I am tired a lot...silly me, I thought it was my pace of life! Okay, it may be a combination of both. The solution to the anemia from my husband is to eat more meat, the doctor recommends an iron supplement, which I know has a "crappy" affect if you know what I mean. I have now packed on 17 pounds in 28 weeks. I am feeling pretty good these days, a little uncomfortable sometimes, and the bebe is moving like crazy still.

Parker's checkup went really well. He was a trooper. The waiting room gets old after awhile but I had new Birthday toys with for him to play with. They did my checkup first and he was so focused on what the doctor was doing. He was super quiet and whispered while Dr. Stone listened to the bebe's heartbeat (150 bpm). Then it was his turn. He weighed 26 pounds and is 2'10" tall. He said Ahhh when asked, was still for all the routine exams-heart, lung, ear, nose checkups. Then it was time for the flu shot in the thigh. They conviently came to get me since my one hour wait on my glucose test was up. So I left Parker and Daddy alone so I could get my blood drawn. Daddy and Parker made it through the shot with one little "owa" and a bandaid for him and his puppy's leg. He was more worked up about getting new stickers than the aftermath of getting a shot. Then he got to see mommy get her flu shot in her arm. All done with that for a year! Off to the lab for Parker to have his lead level checked. This is due to all of the "made in China" toys being recalled. Last year his levels were a 7 and they like to see them under or around 5. We are still waiting on those results. This finger prick hurt and another but longer "owwwwwaa" and then I distracted him by counting red blood drops into the vile. He did and walked out with yet another bandaid (on his middle finger) and more stickers. The funny part was he wanted to show just that finger to everyone in the waiting room and tell them he has an "owwe". If I had let him, I am sure he would have made each person kiss it...

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