Thursday, November 20, 2008

Watch Me Grow

9 months already! I took these pictures the other day and laughed so hard at this kids expressions. Especially the tongue-sticking-out one. I swear I try to comb that hair has a Harry Potter mind of it's own. He kept grabbing his foot and flicking his leg up and down in the air and spitting at me. He is really into babbling these days and finally does the ba-ba-ba-ba sound when you pat his mouth with your hand. He is standing unsupported for a moment or two. Once he realizes he is standing he sits on his butt very quickly. I am not ready for a walking baby just yet! No real sounds or words though, not even da-da or ma-ma. Happy baby. Last night he played in the laundry basket full of whites for an hour. Still in the puppy or carry-something-in-your-mouth stage. It's hilarious to see him crawling as fast as he can with something in his mouth and breathing fast through his nose. I love this age!

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FamilyGus said...

What a little ham. Such a cutie.