Tuesday, November 25, 2008

la, la, la, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Ahhhhh, my 30 hour getaway was amazing. Totally bummed that we both (Regan and I) had the opportunity to sleep all night with no interruptions and neither of us did! We both tossed and turned for no reason at all. Both thinking we are keeping the other awake, but didn't. At 7:30 was the latest either of us could lay there! We left about 4:30 on Friday night. A little later than anticipated, but you know I had to wait for my drugs to try something else for this sinus infection...yes I have another sinus infection! So 14 days of Amox and 3-4 weeks of FloNase and if this doesn't work, I get to have a CT scan of my face. So we leave the Falls and head straight for Duluth. Of course we pit stop in Virginia to hit Target and the wonderful New China Buffet that I have heard so much about. It was great...not so new anymore, but awesome food. I hate buffets-I hate the germy feeling I get, all the options, and feeling like I need to eat my money's worth. This is my main reason for disliking Vegas! That town is surrounded by buffets. So we dished up on awesome food and I had to find a bathroom to re-wash my hands since the old guy in line with us kept coughing on his hand and then dishing himself up! I had one word for him that I tell my 3 year old 100 times a day=elbow! But the food was great, even if it was a buffet. So by 8:30 we finally got out of Virginia and headed to Duluth. We checked into the hotel...with down comforter and pillows! Heaven. Super hot, hot-tub was just the relaxation we needed. By 11 pm neither of us could stay awake so to bed it was. Pathetic I know. 7:30 am up for coffee and breakfast and off to shop! We shopped right up until Lunch and were basically done. We managed to see a bunch of people from The Falls of course. Lunch at Applebee's was my pick. Then we gave ourselves time to get down by the lake to ShearKatz salon in the Fitger's complex. Regan goes in a little earlier than I do to start our pampering treatments. So the whole set included, facial, manicure, pedicure and eyebrow wax. The waxing isn't real relaxing but must be done. 2 1/2 hours later and totally dark outside. She picked Olive Garden for supper so we go there and it's an hour wait for a table so we take our little vibrating notifier back to Target to shop some more. It starts playing music part way down the road to Target. I call Olive Garden using Goog411-one of the coolest features out there-and ask if our table is ready...the hostess says no and that we may be out of range! So after our hour wait we get our table and enjoy some of the best food ever! We even split a piece of pumpkin cheesecake, yummm. So after 30 hours of craziness, we managed to get almost all of our Christmas shopping done, pamper ourselves, have adult conversation, and alone time. Well deserved and thoroughly enjoyed.

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beanski said...

did i miss your call or were you just busy?

in any case, i'm totally jealous of your time away...i'm counting the months already!