Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Oh the sickness

Well, 9 months has gone by already! This past month has been full of ups and downs. Emmitt sleeps all night long, all the time. He is usually in bed by 8 or 8:30 and sleeps until either 5:30 am and then goes down again until 7:30 am, or up for good at 7 am. So why am I still so tired? I haven't quite figured that one out yet. It may be that we are yet again...sick!? I brought him in for the classic symptom of tugging at the ear, crankiness, high fever, and he once again has an ear infection. The doctor put him on Amoxicillian for the left ear infection, the right was clear. 5 days into the meds, I didn't see much improvement and wondered if I should wait out the 10 days prescription or take him in again. Day 6, he turned for the better and seemed to be feeling pretty good. 13 days total and all the symptoms came flying back to us. So in we go again, mainly to be sure the infection has cleared...it has in the left ear, but full fledged and pussy (I know that looks like a different word once typed, but not really sure how to spell pus in that way?) in the right ear. So our main family physician decides to try to outsmart the bacteria. Since our kids are in a daycare setting and around lots of kids he decides to put Emmitt on a totally different med. Most kids go on Amox or azythromycin or Zithromax and even at 9 months, he can be resistant to that kind of med already. So we make it a whole 6 days of the Cefprozil and that brings us to this morning of Emmitt barfing all over me, himself, my kitchen floor...I was told to bring Emmitt in today and just sneak him into the clinic, find my doctors nurse and have the doc take a look to see how the ear is looking. How convenient that he is barfing all over me today?! So I drop him off at daycare with all intentions of taking him in after work and I get the call that he is still barfing. So I leave work to bring him in and when I get there the doc takes a look and says, the ear is better, still really, really red, but not pussy (there's that word again). So to quit the Cefprozil since it did do some good, but it is most likely causing some GI upset. Then to stick to the BRAT diet-bananas, applesauce, rice and toast. So I bring him back to daycare, say a prayer and hope for the best. We both managed to make it through the day. I know I am not the only one this crap happens to, but I am certainly ready for the sickness to go away. I am on a totally different route of trying to get better-an inhaler, nasal spray and Mucinex to shake this 10 week cold. Bear's seems to have waned, only to start all over again as a new cold. We have tried hot herbal tea, Emergen C, vitamin C tablets, zinc tablets and lozenges. I think we all need a vaca to a warm tropical place...but for now we keep plugging away. This weekend my wonderful husband is giving up his third opportunity to shoot the big one for me to get out of town with a friend for a pampering/shopping weekend away. And I get to hand delivery baby ski's gift! I promise to launch it off from the vicinity of the street so I don't get anyone sick!


FamilyGus said...

Oh, my gosh, are we related!!! The same thing over here. Tanner on 5th ear infection, me never quite got over the 1st cold and now I have another. What's going on??? Tanner's on Amox with Clav something or other for this run seeing as the last three infections have happened two weeks apart each one. Reiner's said this usually gets rid of everything. Keep your fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

just wanted to let you know that I went through the same thing with Kassie. 6 months of non-stop ear infections – every 13 days for 6 months (from 3 mos old to 9 mos old)!!! Yikes. We finally put tubes in (don’t know if they still do that) and she NEVER had another ear infection. She woke up from surgery a completely different child. It was awesome. I’m not a doctor (obviously) just a mom but it was a miracle-cure for us.

Anonymous said...

Just doing my weekly blog stalking and read that you and boys are not feeling well...yuck! Hope you all get some good rest and feel better soon! Laurie