Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

I was a Pirate Lady at work...most people didn't know what I was. I had a lot of different possibilities, from a Gypsy, to being with the Russians, a yodeler, a German Oktoberfest girl, a dancer of some kind...and the other words for Pirate lady-wench, buccaneer, etc...I had this costume from 3 years ago for Parker's first Halloween. We were a Pirate family-a very sick-pirate family. Bear didn't wear his costume, and Parker and I had come down with our first round of Strep throat. We had gone trick-or-treating that year, but not for long and came home sick. Little did we know that that was the kick off to our illnesses that year-nor that just about every holiday we would be sick?!
After work I decided to ditch the very itchy and uncomfortable Pirate outfit and make use of my Pink Lady jacket. I was supposed to have traveled to Orlando this year for Convention for work but decided at the last minute possible to stay home with my babies. Olivia Newton-John was our guest this year and we were to be her Pink Ladies...but at least I got to keep the jacket! The wig was from a prior years costume. It was terrible and needed a brush but that required time and effort-I had neither. Parker and I had surfed the web about a month ago for lion face paintings and came across a few good ones. He was so good letting me paint his face. It managed to stay untouched for a few pics. And my little Yoda of course. I told you he would make an adorable Yoda.
This is just a preview of the amount of candy my kid was about to consume! The sugar shooting lion!
The mighty lion-the sugar hasn't taken control...yet
Yoda-the hat fit perfectly but the cape was huge. He would get a little frustrated when he was trying to crawl, stand or find his hands.
oh...back to the sickness at just about every holiday including this year's Halloween.
Yoda has an ear infection. I brought him in Thursday to the clinic and it is in his left ear. But it was caught early and the antibiotics, Tylenol, Motrin are being pumped into him every 4 hours. The seem to be doing no good...Thursday and Friday we virtually got no sleep. Thank God, daddy came home Thursday night!
Best buds-Parker the Lion featuring Jillian the Bat. They were finally big or old enough to understand the whole trick-or-treating process. Regan and I have gone every year together. We make the rounds to people we know and those who say they have a special treat for the kids. This year with double the kids, we decided to put the babies in my stroller and the big kids in hers and let them run to the door's themselves and just stick to our neighborhood. We told everyone that if they wanted to see the kids in their costumes, they could come to us! Sort of felt bad about it, for about a minute and then said, screw it! It's not worth all the car seat, buckle, unbuckle in a huge puffy costume, drag the kids in and out of the car kind of night! Neither of us needed that kind of craziness added to our life. I should mention that Brooks had an ear infection and the round of meds didn't work and it turned out to be viral. Viral meaning, it just has to "run it's course" there are no meds for viral! Regan didn't sleep for 2 weeks, so let's all hope Emmitt's is bacterial and not a viral ear infection...

Trick or Treat! The both loved dinging the doorbells repeatedly. When we would ask them "what do you say" once in awhile either of them would say "thank you" instead of "trick-or-treat"...we have them programmed I swear!
Not kidding-at every door we went to, Parker asked the candy-passer-outer "why you got that?" and point to their bowl of candy. And it was so funny watching the people come up with an answer to the inevitable "why" question. Regan and I laughed every time! A happier Yoda moment-there weren't a whole lot of them that night. He did eat a whole piece of pizza when we got home though! Brooks in the monkey costume from Parker. Fit him nicely...he is a big boy. Parker wore the costume at 2 and Brooks is 9 months! the sugar has kicked is a mighty roar! Happy Halloween!!!!
PS-the tonsils are still "medium-sized"

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