Friday, August 22, 2008

Watch Me Grow

Emmitt's Watch Me Grow chair picture

He popped the second tooth through the day after the first so here is the best attempt to get a shot of them both. He looks a little frightened but anytime you put your fingers near his mouth he tries to eat them.

Parker found these silly glasses and nose and wears them to "work". He packed up his baby's diaper bag and put them on and said goodbye to everyone in the house and off to work he went.

A close up of the actual tonsils! If you look directly in his mouth you can see how huge they are. We had him to the ENT on Wednesday and spent a whole 2 minutes in the doctor's office. He took one look and said those are "medium" sized. For real? we asked...they actually touch the uvula or hangy bally thingy. Nope, medium...not to worry, he is still too young. He also said if we keep getting strep throat this winter, or tonsillitis again and again, just to take him in to our physician and put him on an antibiotic. Unless it gets to be 3-4 times in 6 months we don't need them taken out. So we are "happy" with that and put at ease that he just has medium sized tonsils.

A 6 month pic of Emmitt. We spent the day of his half birthday at the clinic for shots and then me getting barfed on all day and him pushing those 2 teeth up! That was fun.

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