Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A New Tooth!

so my weekend away was WONDERFUL! It helped that I was looking at pictures of my kids all weekend...although I gained 3 pounds while I was there! Aren't you supposed to lose weight after you have a baby??? 3 pounds in 3 days! You can't lose 3 pounds in 3 days if you tried! I can't at least.

Anyways, I come home to Parker running up to me super excited to have mommy home. Wrapped his little arms and legs around me and squeezed as hard as he could, grunting and all.

Then I went inside to Emmitt and Bear. I pick Emmitt up and hold him over my head in the airplane position and ask him if he sprouted any teeth while I was gone, he had 2 little buds on Thursday, and I put my finger along his bottom gum and sure enough one was through. So I am writing down in his book and documenting that he got his first tooth on Sunday, August 10 and not Friday or Saturday while I was gone, that way I was still there to witness it! Daddy was with him every minute of the weekend and had no idea he had gotten a tooth!

The boys were great for him, they all enjoyed the "boys weekend" together. And I had a blast at my girls scrappin' weekend. Just for the record I scrapped 56 pages! No idea where the heck I am going to put them all, my sister jokes that my kids will have 20+ books by the time they leave home!

Pics of the one tooth babe to come!

For comparison only-Parker had his first tooth at 5 1/2 months and had 16 at a year and his 2 year molars came through at 18 months! Let's see if Emmitt can catch him!

We go for Emmitt's 6 month shot/check up tomorrow. He has done really well with shots so far. I am thinking nothing of these. I am however taking Parker with us-his tonsils are still super swollen, and after being gone for 2 days from him, I am noticing his speech isn't quite right. He just plain talks funny now and always sounds stuffed up. He also had a little low grade temp Sunday night and part of Monday so we'll see what the family practitioner says. I am going to ask about an ENT doctor coming up north also...

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