Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Scrappin' Away

have I mentioned how much I love sleeping through the night? I really love my sleep!

The main reason I really wanted Emmitt to sleep through the night is because I am leaving him for the first time this weekend (sniff, sniff). It is my annual Pequot Lakes Scrappin' Weekend. We head to the ICU-Intensive Crop Unit for a 3-day weekend of late nights, some drinks (okay a lot of drinks) and lots of laughing. Each year I manage to get "caught up" on all my projects. Last year I managed to crank out 40+ pages, Christmas cards and baby announcements. This year, not so sure. I have 385 pictures coming from Shutterfly and Emmitt doesn't have a page in his book yet! We'll see how I do. I am a Scrappin' Machine on a mission.

So, my plan worked out perfectly...get Emmitt to sleep through the night before I go so it is less stressful on both baby, brother and daddy! Plus I am loving my sleep, have I mentioned that already?

I was slightly worried that:
1. Bear wouldn't hear Emmitt cry at night at all
2. Bear would hear him and force him to cry himself back to sleep
3. Bear would hear him, try to feed him a bottle and he would or wouldn't take it get the picture
Anyways, it all worked out beautifully didn't it?

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FamilyGus said...

WaHoooooo!!! I've got the wine you got the teas, we've got the pics & paper. Ready to go! I know you'll miss your fam because I'll miss mine, but this is so good for us and so much fun! Have I put enough exclamation points in here to let you know how excited I am!!!