Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dear Mr and Mrs Pottery Barn

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Pottery Barn~
I am writing to tell you that you have falsely advertised your children's room displays. I have purchased the complete bedroom set for my 2 boys and it looks nothing like the room the children are occupying in the catalog. First, my eldest boy's bed now has a obnoxious bed rail on the side of his twin bed, which doesn't match the bedding I purchased. My other son's beautiful crib now has a tent on it due to his older brother crawling in the crib with him. I thought the crib was monkey proof?! Also, I did not purchased the bed skirt for the crib, which now I wished I would have to hide all the crap that I have shoved under it! The closest organizers are wonderful, but don't hold all I had intended to cram into them. Oh, and the curtains! Those curtains are basically transparent, so I have doctored them up myself by placing all different, non-matching, blankets over them to keep my children sleeping in the dark for as long as possible. I am wanting you to display a real child's bedroom in the next season's catalog. Or at least put a warning label on the catalog stating "results not typical".
Thank you,
Disgruntled Mother of 2 busy, messy, boys with way too much stuff in their bedroom

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AmandaH said...

Your post is too funny. Perhaps PBK should put a little spit-up stain somewhere in one of the photographs too!