Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Through the Years

Well, when I started going through wedding pictures I found a few of my faves and a few I would like to throw away, but they represent the years my Bear and I have gone through. I will admit I have had 800 hairstyles in the last 11 years and we both admit to gaining at least 40 pounds each during college. But we started out on April 3rd, 1997. I was just shy of turning 17 and he followed up with turning 21 that July. He truly didn't know my age when we met, since I was at the community college and still in high school at the same time but age didn't matter-we fell in love-hard-right away. We both remember it so well, it took until the second date when we really knew we were meant for each other. We have been together ever since. We have definitely grown up together and had a lot of good times and some hard times but we always lean on each other and make it through. Enjoy the stroll down photo memory lane...

1997-baby faces


1999-not one of our better moments-but boy were those parties fun!

2001 Engagement

2003-I think...not sure, Mahrya correct me if you will, this is at your wedding.

Christmas in our New House!


Ice Fishing 2005

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