Monday, August 4, 2008

The Bosses

We used to call Parker-"Master P" because he was the baby in charge. Well now he is sometimes the big boy in charge...but mostly it's me (mom). Emmitt has taken on the baby in charge role. Until last Thursday...I decided it was time I took the bull by the horns...I'd had it with him getting up at least once, sometimes, twice a night and needing to nurse to get back to sleep. It just wasn't fair that daddy couldn't take part in this night-time game. And I was getting just plain "tired" of it. I waited until he was about the same age as Parker was when he started sleeping through the night. About 5-6 months. I figure he didn't need to eat so I just wasn't going to feed him. So Thursday night I hear Emmitt at 12:30 am and I go in there to make sure he hasn't crapped his pants, which he hadn't (but Parker had, more on that later), so I sweetly said, it's nigh-night, go back to sleep, touched his belly, kissed him and left the room. I let him whimper and whine for about 5 minutes, which felt like forever...I went back in there, did the same thing, this time he got more ticked off that I wasn't picking him up and screamed louder now that before. So I went back to bed and Bear and I held hands for over an sweet...well he was basically keeping a hand on me to keep me from getting up and going back in there. Leave him be, he said over and over, he'll be okay...alright! So we woke up Friday and Emmitt had sure enough put himself back to sleep, until 7 am!! He didn't even act hungry. Unreal! Friday night was similar, but instead of 1.5 hours only 45 minutes. Again, woke up not acting hungry the next morning! Stinker...all this time I was feeding him. He just wanted momma. So Saturday and Sunday (last) night he went all night, straight through! Ahhhhhhhhhh...sleep. I love it. Now if we could keep Parker from having the "die-da-rrhea" in the middle of the night we would be in heaven! He is on day 6 of having it off and on, but today stayed home with dad and is doing MUCH better. I love that he "mostly" made it to the potty during this bout...shows me he is a big boy, using the potty and all.

Master P

The Masters together

Master E

I love baby butts...

And again with the foot in his mouth!

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