Sunday, April 27, 2008

Whose Who?

I get the question "do the boys look alike?" My answer: they do and they don't. Bear and I both think they are a good mix of both of us. Of course they both have my eyes: Parker's dark brown and Emmitt's still a blue color. We currently have $100 riding on whether they change to brown or not. I say yes, Bear says no. He just wants blue eyes like his. Parker definitely has the Rosten nose-aka grandma Janet's, daddy's, uncles, etc...Emmitt's kinda looks like he has my nose. People who know me more say they both look like me, especially Parker. People who know Bear say Parker is a mini Barrett. I really didn't think the boys looked that much alike until I walked past a photo on Blake's fridge and saw the New Year/Baby announcement card we made up for my in laws to send out...and it was of Parker at 6 weeks old. It looked just like Emmitt! Bear and I just stood looking at it and laughed. Same smirks, same eyes, same hair color, etc...So I tried to take a pic of Emmitt in the same shirt-of course I couldn't get him to do the same look but here they are.

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FamilyGus said...

I think they're 1/2 & 1/2, mommy-top half of face, daddy-bottom half. They're both beautiful! My favorite one was the one of Emmitt, when you were heading back to work. Cutie pie!