Saturday, April 12, 2008

Smile Evolution-during a diaper change

Let me take you through our first morning diaper change...crank up the pitch in your inner ear to the one labeled "annoying high pitch mommy voice". Here goes...

"good morning Emmitt, are you gonna smile for momma?"
"oooh, there's a little one, can you smile big for momma?"
"that's my boy!"
"do you have another one for me?"
"well, there you go, look at how big you smile for momma!"
"good boy Emmitt, momma loves when you smile so big for her, thank you!"
I love the wide open mouth smiles...I hate the voice I have to do to get him to do it though, I wish there was a way to block out my voice on the video camera-that is embarrassing to hear!! I want to know if I really sound like that??

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