Saturday, April 5, 2008


IT'S HERE! My new Phil and Ted's stroller has arrived! And I have already used it...twice!

I am loving the weather right now, unless we get the 7-14 inches of snow that is predicted for us today and tomorrow. I may cry if that happens.

So Tuesday was the first outing in the stroller and mommy's first try at taking two kids out on a 1.5 hour long walk. It went well. Parker sits up front and Emmitt lays "under" him in the back. The only thing Parker didn't like was the shield covering him. So I took it off midway through the walk and told him he could freeze! I actually said "fine, you can freeze then!" He was kicking it the whole way and whining about it so I caved in and tried not to feel guilty about it.

Emmitt slept through the whole walk. He only woke up once to squawk and that was when we stopped moving long enough to say goodbye to Auntie Tammy.

Then last night we bundled up and walked down to the park. Parker played for a long time and Emmitt just slept in the parked stroller by himself. It was nice to just play with Parker one on one. Also nice that I have a super happy baby who is very laid back.

This is recent too! Emmitt visited Dr. Potter last week, Monday and Wednesday for a back cracking...or adjustment. He was showing us signs of colic like Parker did and we were not about to go through that again. I just wished we would have taken Parker to the chiropractor when he was little! But I had asked around if people had taken their babies and most who had said the same it, it WORKS. And guess what-It does work...Emmitt has not really had a "fussy" period since. Dr. Potter actually showed me where his back was out of alignment-in two spots-and then put them back in. The actual treatment was Emmitt laying on his belly across the Doc's knees. He used his fingers along Emmitt's spine all the while opening and closing his knees-which acts as the traction part of the adjustment. It was cool. I knew he wasn't hurting him because Emmitt just grunted and moaned through the procedure. Doc said they actually like it-and you could just tell he did. So for any of you new parents out there with a cranky baby-go to the chiropractor and then tell me about it!

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