Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Greedy Little Birds

The Olson's sitting at the table last night enjoying a quiet dinner together...
Bear says "no way! What the ....?"
Becky says "what, what, what?"
Bear says "the birds are stealing our insulation!"
Becky says "what? how are they getting it"?
Bear says "they are stealing it out of the roof!"

So those greedy little birds are taking our insulation to make their nests! Bear saw a bird fly off and drop a piece (or 100) in the yard as it flew off. We look outside and this is what our yard is scattered in! Little thieves! So the discussion of why they can get at the insulation turned into...the gutters broke due to the ice dam we had this winter...the gutters broke and ripped some of the facia off the house...the ice dam is caused by heat loss...we are losing heat because the house is old and needs to be re-insulated...which means my husband wants to remodel the whole upstairs...gut it to the studs are reinsulate and put up new...which means I would get the bathroom I've always wanted up there, but also means the 100+ man hours I put into painting the murals on the boys' bedroom walls will be gone...I actually teared up thinking about that part. I am not doing all that work again and they are too young to even remember that I did it in the first place, ahhhhh

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