Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Parker on the Potty!

Okay so last night, Parker comes up to me and nonchalantly says, "momma, I have to go potty". So I get his pants off, he takes off his diaper himself and then says he needs his socks off I take them off and I leave him in the bathroom to finish working on supper. Pretty soon I check on him and he has crawled up on the toilet with his feet on the step stool and is just sitting there. Now occasionally he pees on the potty which involves sitting backwards straddling the toilet and peeing "like daddy" aka 'standing up'. But no Parker is sitting on the I go back to supper and he comes out and says "I pooped on the potty"! I think I even said under my breath "no you didn't" I almost couldn't believe it! He pooped on the toilet! I start clapping and cheering for him, he is grinning. Daddy had just walked in the door to witness this momentous occasion and gives him high five. So I reward Parker with the best bribery trick I know which is a present out of the present bag...I had gone to the Dollar Tree last week and blew $30 on crap toys for him to have when he goes on the he opens up a sticker book and Cars stickers. He is so excited, and so are we! Could this be an end to 2 kids in diapers? So I ask if he wants a diaper on or underwear...he says underwear. Okay, underwear it is. We call a few people to praise him up and make a huge deal out of pooping on the potty.
Fast forward to after supper:
Parker gets done eating and stands by our chairs and pees on the floor, well in his underwear. All the while saying, "I'm peeing". NOOOOO!
So I clean him up and say it's okay, but your supposed to pee on the toilet.
I, stupidly, ask again: diaper or underwear? He says underwear...I say no peeing in them..."O'tay" says Parker.
I am up stairs feeding Emmitt and hear daddy say...oh no, oh no, oh no. Not only did he pee in his second pair of underwear he pooped in them too! Luckily daddy got to clean that one up!
So-now what? Continue to see if he tells us when he wants to go, or do I ask and ask and ask "Parker do you have to go potty?"

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FamilyGus said...

I had to do the asking to start with when Karlie started going and then we'd just start asking and say lets just try to go (if I knew it had been awhile since she last went). I think it was harder for me to remember to ask her then it was for her to go. Pretty soon she would start telling me on her own. Congrats to Parker!!!