Sunday, November 6, 2011


11-11-11 about the coolest date ever to have a birthday!
I literally scoured the web for any type of party ideas for this date and really came up with nothing. And as I always do, I asked Parker to look through our cupcake book and pick out what he would like this year. He came up with the howling werewolf cupcakes. Seriously? What on earth would I do with that?! I thought for sure, with his puppy/dog obsession, that I would be making those cupcakes, but nope! Werewolves. It was actually super easy to find dog lingo on the web, but not wolf. Let alone werewolf. Thank God I am a Twilight fan, because the amount of Jacob that came up when I was searching was ridiculous. And for the record I am totally an Edward girl. Too bad the kid didn't want a vampire party!
The costume I borrowed from a friend. Her Parker had just conveniently been a werewolf for Halloween. So the boys and I cut and painted a cardboard full moon and hung it up. Got Parker all dressed up and went for the perfect invite picture. Parker was so into posing with his scariest wolf poses I couldn't help but crack upFor some reason he turned the mask around to take a breather and out came my sweet boys baby face. Hairy head and all. I think a werewolf is totally fitting for him. He can be so utterly sweet and kind and caring and compassionate...and other times he is the wolf! He is sassy and rude and disrespectful and hyper and loud. But he is a 6 year old boy who is on the move constantly. And he knows right from wrong and has the kindest heart.
I do have some fun numerology trivia and such planned. I plan to make the best werewolf cupcakes for the party! I think they may blow the alligator out of the water!
So be ready to howl. Because it truly is a "ones" in a lifetime event. My Parker is 6 and we'll frolic with fright, because we have been waiting for such a night. The whole 11-11-11 concept is just too cool. And I won't forget my mom coming up with the fact that all those 1's add up to 6, when written 1+1+1+1+1+1=6.

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