Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hunting Season 2011

This hunting season was fun! The kids are just a bit easier when we go down to the shack. We still manage to fit 4 in a row on a wheeler and they love everything about a dead deer hanging out of the back of their dads pick up truck!
And I mean everything. Yes those are 2 pics of my children holding deer legs. And my father in law in the background with half a carcass. They especially loved the hard tongue sticking out the side of the deers mouth. Ish! But here I was snapping away at pics of them holding deer legs that had been sawed off! And they smiled with pride that he is providing us with a freezer full of meat. Mmmm.
The first weekend we stayed home while dad hunted. Or should I say, while dad sat in his stand and saw nothing! We had friends over and made homemade pizza and hung out. The second weekend of the season was Parker's 6th Birthday party, so we were home Friday night...but we did go out and stay at the shack. Sunday morning our Griswold family of 4 hit the stand to experience "hunting" together.
Needless to say we scared all wild animals off in a 5 mile radius with our candy wrapper crumpling and fidgeting. We seriously were the loudest hunters in the woods. I can only hope that we drove the deer to someones stand for them to shoot.
Both kids came dangerously close to the heater, both argued over who was going to sit where and both kids ate their weight in Halloween candy! I officially don't need to see another Almond Joy until October 2012.
Bear did manage to get us deer. Our freezer is full and we are going to have great meals full of venison and canned vegetables to sustain us until next season. After not getting a deer the first weekend, I was a bit panicky about not having enough meat to feed these boys, but the hubs prevailed! Way to go, my mighty hunter!

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