Friday, November 25, 2011

Halloween 2011

We had sooooo much fun dressing up this year for Halloween. I really questioned how it could get better than last year, but it did! Our costumes were awesome, a little flimsy (and ahem, skimpy) but they did the trick. Emmitt was so excited to start chirping out who we were all going to be to anybody who would stand still enough to listen.
And he rocked his sidekick Robin costume very well.
Both boys loved that they had huge muscles to flex when they were wearing their costumes. It was fun to see them punch each other and continue to talk about just how tough they really were.
But this man has totally come to love Halloween as much as I do. I mean, come on, it's natural for your kids to follow along your crazy ideas, but your husband? Yes, he was a trooper. When we first started discussing our costume options for this year, I asked him if he wanted me to paint his face or go with a mask...his natural response was, "well if I'm going to do this, I'm going to do this right!"
That little comment took me to the whole next level. It took me an hour to paint his face for our Saturday night bar outing and only 10 minutes on Halloween! It took him straight to first place in Best Dressed/Costume category at the bar! He won some sweet prizes for it too. We were basically unrecognizable the whole night. Most people couldn't figure either of us out. He changed up what he was drinking even! But the face and the wig were creepy and totally sweet!
Thank you my dear husband for playing along, acting like a crazy man with me all for the fun of it! Batman and Robin won't forget either, just how cool of a dad you are!

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