Saturday, November 26, 2011

My boy is 6

I never want to forget this face. The face of pure shock! You were so shocked the morning of your birthday. Momma scored a Ninetendo DS for you at a good price and totally surprised you. You had no idea you were getting one, I kept telling you that you were too young. But like I said, I got a good deal and you got a DS. You officially had to be set on a gaming timer. You would literally sit there all day and play if we let you. I am no longer ever going to wonder what you'll do in a car or any other long trip. The DS will babysit you. As much as I hate saying that, it's true.
Once I got you to put down the DS you went on to open the next present from us. And footie jammies still excite you too! You love them. You always have. And I believe you'll be the guy that sleeps in those giant ones with the trap door on the butt. Like Pa Ingalls.
The 3rd batch of werewolf cupcakes turned out even better. I did take the easy way out and cut off at 2 dozen for the party and plainly decorated the rest. We managed to shove 6 candles on one and as we sang to you, you did something you have never, ever done. You played shy or embarrassed and ducked under the table until we finished. I have no idea why. It's so not like you. But when we finished, you came up and blew out all your candles and the moment passed you.
You of course got way too many gifts. Lots and lots of people got you 6 one dollar bills in your card. It was significant in many ways.
Everybody enjoyed the cupcakes. Well the kids did for sure. All the kids loved the marshmallow and fruit by the foot nose. The adults questioned if the whole thing was actually edible.
Miss Shelby Lynn and Emmitt
Brooks' face is soooo hilarious is this pic! Like he can't quite get that crazy Auntie Becky gave him all that sugar! And Miss Gracie Lyn, cute as ever!
Daddy and messy Parker
Garret and Miss Jillian
Over all, it was a great party. It's hectic with all the people at times, but it's a great hectic. You never feel like you can talk to everybody, but they all talk to each other. It's become such a tradition. I had all the guests fill out their numerology and discuss with each other. You took the last 2 digits of the year you were born and how old you were or will be this year and when everybody compared answers it was 111. It was so awesome! The kids of course just came out to 11. But still. It was creepy and cool. We had a surprise visit from my Aunt and Uncle who haven't ventured this way in 10-20 years. That was special.
And to top it off, Parker got his new jersey for his purple hockey team and he chose number "11".

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