Saturday, December 11, 2010

The 5th Birthday Party

A month after the kid turned 5, I realized I hadn't "documented" the whole experience! Forgive me...we've been a bit busy.
So the day of his birthday he of course had no school and enjoyed the 2nd of the 3 Alligator cupcake platters at daycare.
Then that evening all the family came over. We top 30 if all show up. It gets busy and chaotic, but it's always been that way, and we love it.
I bought these, Ahem dinosaur, Alligator hats at the Dollar Tree for each of the kids to wear. Then I bagged up all the extra Runt candy (minus the banana pieces) and gave those to the kids too! They all ate them and nobody complained about the leftovers.
A wonderful addition we would have missed at the party was Nicker! He came and made himself comfortable in the chair and talked a bit about the accident/back surgery. The cutest was when Jillian pulled on her momma and asked Is that Parker's cousin Nick that we pray for mom? She was so surprised to see him in person, yet too shy to go up and talk to him.
Parker is still in love with puppy anything. Derek had drawn his name and got him 2 new puppies and Spiderman socks and slippers! A HUGE hit with a 5 year old!
Guns. Guns. Guns. Bullets. Bullets. Bullets. EVERYWHERE IN MY HOUSE! And he loves them all. Papa taught him to set up various toys around the house and see if he can "dead-eye" them. He can.Grandma Janet and Papa Don went to Florida back in the 60s. Yes the 60s. They bought a stuffed and real at one time Alligator. Laying in bed one night he shouts out that he actually thinks he knows where a 50 year old Alligator is?! Guess what? He found it and they wrapped it up and gave it to my kid! It was a huge highlight of the party!My mom typed up an "All About A" card for Parker and on the back was a song called "Along Came Mr. Alligator"...I read the card to him the day after his birthday and he knew all the words and actions to the song. We made sure to invite Grandma Audrey over one night to watch the performance and teach her the actions.We served cupcakes and mint & chip ice cream to the family. Every time I asked Parker what piece of the gator he picked, he told me it was the one with the toenails! Mmmmm.Emmitt really enjoys the parties just as much as the next kid. While reorganizing my basement I came across all the 3rd Birthday/Hat Trick party supplies and figured a hockey party would be just great for Emmitt too! And I have basically run out of ideas...
Happy 5th Birthday to my Little Man!
And because I know you just can't wait to hear "what am I going to do next year?" mom (the least creative person I know) came up with the marvelous idea of Parker's next Birthday: 6. Yes 6. His birthday next year is 11-11-11. Or should I type 1+1+1+1+1+1 add up to ???? You guessed it 6!

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