Thursday, December 16, 2010

I know I'm spoiled, but...

I know I'm spoiled, but...doesn't it count for something when I admit it?
My Milo and the hubs mounted my shelves for me in the basement. There is not much that I love more than these two guys...but organization comes a close second.

After the "shit-geyser" went off July 1st, my basement was totally trashed. The new carpet went down in August. Then the dehumidifier quick sucking moisture out of the air but continued to run day and night. Bear and I both always thought the other person was dumping it out, when in fact neither of us was. Then the day came that I went to move the furniture back into the newly carpeted area and realized it was all covered in a fine layer of moldy fuzz.
(insert freak out moment here)

So the craziness began. I tore everything out of my laundry area. Sprayed every crevice of it with mold resistant cleaner, scrubbed, scoured and removed all particles of dirt, debris and mildew. Then enlisted Regan to help me paint my floor, complete with speckles. That took us about 45 minutes. Then I made the guys move my deep chest freezer (totally full of meat), not once, twice, but three times! Then I realized that I totally needed to paint the walls a fresh coat of white complete with mildew resistant additive. Then I wondered why the heck I painted the floor first? 10 drop clothes later and I was on my way to painting. I painted the basement walls the month of November. The hubs was hunting so at nap time and bedtime. I would pour a glass of wine, change into my painting clothes and head down to the dungeon.

Then I drew a map, yes a map of where I wanted shelves to go. I needed to get things off the floor in case the city sewer decides to come into my house again. Then I took my little map (5 pages) to Menards with 2 kids and batted my eyes at some poor kid and made him help me load up my cart and then the car. I drove through town with my hatch open, the little red flag a waving out the back and told the kids to hang on to the shelves!

Then Milo and Barrett spent a weekend doing this for me...spoiled I know.2 shelves for all our canned goods. The empty jars will be replaced with food from next years garden. This may have been the easiest section to mount since it went into wood and not cinder block!
The deep chest finally ended up on the left side of this little area with all my totes of seasonal decoration on the right. The top shelves are full of games, puzzles, cards, etc...
The big sink is the only part left to go. Derek and Bear are going to saw this bad boy apart this winter, remove it and replace with a new nice white one. This old one is made of concrete! Regan has one just like it in her basement, so that one will go too, the same weekend.
My laundry shelf. Extra sheets, towels, toilet paper, big things that don't fit in my kitchen, like the bread machine and the giant mixer.
Another angle of the decorations and game shelves.
Now...if I could just get that label maker I want from Santa...

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Davina & JP said...

I thought those jars were for drinking out of, long island teas taste especially good out of Mason jars:)