Monday, July 11, 2011

Fathers Day at the Shack

June 2011.
We spent Father's Day down at the Shack. It was Bear's brother Blakes very first Father's Day and it was just simply perfect. My Mom and Dave came down to join in the festivities. Milo and Peg chickened out thinking there were too many bugs in Loman (turned out to be ZERO). But it was a simple meal on the grill-brats, baked beans, chips, and rhubarb crisp. And family.

Bear, Parker and Don...just a couple of boys at heart hanging out at the shack.Grandpa Donnie took Parker out of the 4-wheeler and let him drive the thing. We basically no assistance. Parker was able to control the direction and the speed. Then he drove everybody crazy until the obliged and rode with him on his "wheelie rider".

We went on a lady slipper hunt and managed to find a few Showy Lady slippers and the yellow ones. This one was right outside the shack on the edge of the woods. It was so cool to teach the boys about this special flower.
Grandpa Don and his little shack buddy
Ruby Jay...Ruby Girl...Rhubarb...Rubes...
The cutest little girl who made her daddy extra proud on this special day.
Need I say more?
Emmitt was being camera shy this day but sat down to teach Daddy and Papa how to turn on his super cool shack light.
3 Generations. Including the First Olson Girl.
Emmitt was bumming when Uncle Blake, Auntie Casey and Ruby had to go home. He ran out to the road and waved his little heart out. They live just 25 miles out of town, but our lives get so busy that it's a shame we don't seem them more often. But it makes the times we get together that much more special. 3 Generations. Olson Boys-and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Father and Son
Momma and Daughter-I had the lucky draw of bouncing Ruby to sleep for a little nap and changing a nasty. Her first one at the shack, and I changed it right on the bed! Just like I used to do with my boys. Once she's big enough, we'll have to get her in that washtub for a bath at the shack.

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