Monday, July 4, 2011

5k of 2011

Family Race day...the whole family participated in the annual Bronco 5k Fun Run(walk). Parker has been there every year with me...the first year, I was pregnant with him, but it still counts. This year he was the youngest participant. We figured he did 2 miles out of the 5 we did that day. 3 miles was the actual race and the other 2 miles were getting to and from the race.

Cousin Pete and his buddy Parker. Pete finished the 5k (very unwillingly) but finished 16th in his age bracket.

A very cooling and windy breeze at the end of a hot, hot race to cool off these hot, hot sisters.
Bear participated this year for the first time. He realized very quickly that even though we don't "run" that it's definitely easier on your mind and your body to jog than it is to walk a very fast pace. He would make the call and decide who got to push the kids while we jogged a few legs of the race.Parker would hop in and out of the stroller when he felt like he could run. He was all over the water stations. Drinking and throwing his cup like the best of them.Once our family of four crossed the finish line with a time of about 39 minutes, we had a few minutes to recover, get a refreshing snack and it was off to the kids race. Parker has done this little lap around the track since he was 18 months old, but Emmitt finally participated this year and made it the whole way, actually running as fast as his little bull-legged legs would take him.

The kids race was one of my favorite parts of the weekend. Parker took off (with his tongue out of course) and pulled out way ahead. Then he kept looking back over his shoulder to see where Emmitt was.
Emmitt was just running with a huge grin on his face as we all cheered him on. Half way around the track Parker stopped to wait for his brother to catch up, then turned around and jogged back to him and grabbed his hand! It was totally priceless the way he helped his little brother finish the race strong. The boys were so excited to run and make it around the track. The were rewarded with a ribbon and a bottle of water. We really made a big deal out of Emmitt finishing. He (believe it or not) is not as outgoing as Parker is and actually takes some convincing to try new things. Parker was such a big boy running miles that day. It was a great way to start off a very busy, hot, fun weekend.

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