Friday, July 8, 2011

The Grand Tour

We ventured out on the "big cruise ship" on Tuesday. Parker saw the boat on the 1st of July when we were at the new Voyageurs National Parker Headquarters watching fireworks and has been talking about the huge ship ever since. My mom bought tickets for myself, Parker, her, Emma and Shelby. We were lucky enough to have gorgeous weather as we took an afternoon and spent it on Rainy Lake.
We stopped at Little America and walked around the island. The "tour guide" was very, very good. She kept the attention of the kids and the adults. I had grabbed beads and string from the Visitors Center and Parker was able to make a necklace/bracelet for himself. Then we grabbed more for Emmitt to make while at home.
We were able to see a bald eagle and learn about banding them when they are eaglets. I even learned some history about Rainy Lake City and Bushyhead. Things you forget because you live in the area. We are truly blessed to have such great scenery and history in our area and it pays to partake in the "touristy" events offered in your own back yard!
Thanks Mom for the idea! Thanks Debs for letting us kidnap your daughter for the was GREAT!

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