Tuesday, February 9, 2010

one year later...

I actually cannot believe I am writing one year later with the same news! Parker had his preschool screening Friday morning for 2 hours. We left there feeling really good about all of the testing. I had the exit interview with the nurse and she obviously neglected to read the charts correctly. A member of mine came in to workout and asked me how I was holding up. I said I didn't know what she was referring to. She filled me in at work that Parker has not done well with his hearing check again. He is definitely better than last year. But, the left ear (the one that still has a tube) hurt when she did the tympanogram. That is the test to check if he has activity in his ear. Well, in order to perform the test, the machine blows air in the ear and he jerked away in pain. So she referred us to go back to Duluth to the ENT again. The right ear had the tube that had been forced out during the ear infection/bloody ear in December. That ear has movement and seems to be "okay". So...we will be checking in with Dr. Glickstein on Tuesday the 16th in Duluth.
On another note...he did really well in his cognitive and language skills. His vision is excellent. He was on the low end (11 out of the range 7-27) for motor skills -skipping (I can't skip very well either), catching, jumping in one place, hopping... Just wanted to keep you all in the loop. Extra prayers for the little guy, he is most likely headed for another surgery for a new set of tubes!

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