Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Parker ear update

Parker is great! He no longer has tubes. There are no holes in his ear drums from the tubes. If he doesn't get an ear infection or start storing fluid on his ears he will not need another set of tubes! The risk of the fluid build up is down because he doesn't have the adenoid. He traveled both ways really well. The anxiety got the best of him in the doctor's office though, he freaked out and flinched every time the doctor came at his ear. It came down to Bear and I forcing him still and a whole 5 seconds of the doctor in his ear to pull the tube out. The hearing test nurse was right, the tube was just laying on the ear drum not in place. That was the left ear. The right ear was the one that the tube came out at the Well Child Check in January. That one was flushed out, both the nurse and the doctor made a face that they didn't approve of the flushing. But no hole in that ear drum either. There is a little piece of skin in the right ear that he would have loved to get out but said it wasn't worth the torture and that the ear will clean itself out eventually. No further follow up is needed...yippee!
Thanks for all the positive thoughts and prayers.

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