Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Kids Race

Well I had my fun running the race, but I think Parker and Jillian had more fun in the kids race. Jillian wasn't sure she was going to run and then decided to at the end (hence the crocs she is wearing). And Parker just wanted to eat my banana and then thought about running for a second. Last year he stood there holding his crotch before the race, this year...just a banana.
And they were may look like Jillian is way ahead (she is) and not just an illusion of her being on the inside track. But half way around the track she stopped, turned around, and waited for Parker! It was so cute. They were just off on the other side of the track visiting.
The last stretch is always so exciting. We (meaning Bear) always has to encourage him to finish. Reg ran up to cheer Jillian on to the finish line. Huge smile on her face.
Daddy got smart and wore his runners this year. I think he knew in the back of his mind that he would have to chase after Parker.If she isn't the cutest thing ever! She is doing this thing lately, when there is a big crowd or gets excited and nervous, where she drops to her knees. Well this experience did it...she was running full blast and dropped right on the track before the finish line. I thought she fell, but she just knelt there for a second, got up and kept on truckin'.

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