Monday, July 20, 2009

Fourth of July

Since I already had these pics loaded on the site, I thought I would start here and do the camping weekend for another (rainy) day.
Fourth of July this year was a blast. Parker was old enough to ride in the kiddie parade with all the other kids and bikers. Shelby, Parker and Jillian all decorated their bikes with $30 of Dollar Tree supplies and currently are still decorated that way!
Parker and Jillian on their matching big kid bikes.
Miss Jillian Grace
Miss Shelby Lynn. I got tons of comments about dipping into the colored hair spray again. They did look pretty cute with half and half. Very Patriotic!
Regan and I quickly realized that there was no way we were going to be able to tackle the babies and the big kids at the same time. Thankfully my husband answers his cell phone (he will tell you I never answer mine!) and the guys came and got the babies. By the time we reached Bear and Emmitt after the kiddie parade, Emmitt had already fallen asleep on Bear's shoulder and they left.
Parker loving his favorite "game" at the park.
Shelby-not so much. She forgets she is a 10 year old girl. Thinks she will like to do little kid things still and then once she tries them, realizes she is a big girl!
After the mayhem of the park downtown we headed back to our house where we find Bear starting to cook for everybody and Emmitt awake already. He was content to play with all the kids and eat food!
Papa Milo
The guys somehow found a quiet place out front to talk and managed to not have any kids follow them out there!
Grandma Peggy
Grandma Janet
Papa Don
The Girls: Emma and Shelby after going down the Banzai water slide a few times! Brrrr!
Shelby still managed to have a bit of hair color in there after braving the water slide.
Miss Ruby Gayle. My oh my, what a cutie! She is Jake and Emily's little girl and is going to be a big sister very soon!
Derek and Grandma Audrey
The Fourth of July was great this year. Started out as a beautiful day and ended the same way! This year marked our 6th Annual BBQ and it is a tradition we hope to continue.

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