Sunday, July 26, 2009

U Pick, U Eat, U Enjoy

Saturday morning we headed out to Sunne's U Pick Strawberry Farm. We aimed for 9 am and left The Falls about 9:30 all packed into my Explorer. Parker thought it was pretty fun to see mommy and grandma crawl over the seats to get in the back.
The kids did really well picking and staying in our rows and close by.
Emmitt did more eating than picking and had fun while he did it.
The Sunne's have a rooster and that thing was cock-a-doodling all morning and the boys would copy it when they heard it. We only got a few glances from fellow pickers and one "your kids were really well behaved" from another. Love hearing those kind of compliments.This year was the worst picking year in 5 years, it has been so wet and rainy that the berries are rotting right on the vine. It made no difference to me since it was my first time picking. I definitely like strawberry picking more than blueberries. There were no bugs and it took far less time. Yum...we have already had fresh berries on angel food cake and I made a pie for tomorrow.

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