Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sliding and sliding and sliding

Ah, the Lepper family is too good to us. We joke around about all the crap they drop off for our kids, but deep down we love it. The toys we get are things that we would never buy our children but are so glad we have them. Best of all-they are FREE!
Recently we were delivered the Banzai Water slide. This huge slide that blows itself up (I love that part) stays upright, you attach a hose to it and watch your kids and their friends have hours of endless fun on it!
Emmitt won't even go near the thing for the simple fact that it shoots water in his direction. Come to think of it, he is scared of the other "Lepper toy" which is the four-wheeler, but we all know that is because his brother randomly runs him over with it.
Parker absolutely loves both of these gifts. He goes down the slide over and over and over. He'll change it up a bit and go head first or feet first or a bounce and jump. Any way he does it, he is smiling when he goes down.Friday before the Fourth Parker's buddies, Bradyn, Max, Nate and Morgan came over to slide. One after the other...sliding down the same slide like it was something new each turn they took.
I love how Max got air on this one. I believe this is his first actual time down the slide and he bounced off the top and landed (thankfully) on his butt on the slide. His eyes were just huge when he got off.
Bradyn being brave and going head first. Randomly the bigger kids would shoot right off the bottom of the slide and land in the muddy grass at the end. They really didn't seem to mind.
I love how excited these kids get when they have something fun like this to play on. It makes the day fly by and you really don't have much "watching" of them to do other than to just sit back and watch them have fun....ahhh

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