Monday, June 30, 2008

the new deck

The perfection of getting the footings level and square. I had no idea that part would take so long. But very happy that the deck is level!
Getting the frame together.
Parker had fun, walking the "tight rope" along the beams. I'm giving him credit for actually being able to do it, I chalk it up to he's short and a low center of gravity. I would try, usually with a few lemonades in my hands and wobble back and forth.
Trying to keep Parker busy with scrap wood and hammer and nails. It lasted about 5 minutes!
I'll help you with the drill Papa.
Almost there. This part went really fast.

Just me playing with my camera...But I do love watching their hands work. It's fascinating to me that (most) guys just have the knack and know how to do stuff like this...
more hands...
Voila! Well of course I had to run out and get new patio furniture. Little did I know I wasn't buying off the floor, but that it all comes in pieces in boxes that my husband got to put together! So this is the first half of the deck. This is what we wanted to accomplish before the annual Fourth of July party. Next is the railing and the lower deck. Railing will be this summer. Lower deck will be next summer. Then we'll close off the underneath part, since Parker has already decided it's cool to play under there.

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