Thursday, June 5, 2008


Two Brothers-I know they will grow up loving eachother and fighting with eachother...but that is what being brothers is all about.
Here is how a day in our life goes.
Parker puts his underwear on-both legs in one hole...says "I can't walk"-he does this often to be silly but this time he "walks" through the living room, trips and lands head to head with Emmitt, who is laying on the floor. Parker starts crying, more because of my reaction than his head actually hurting. Emmitt lets out a huge scream and then holds his breath for a good 10 seconds before wailing again. I pick him up to make sure his eyes aren't rolling in the back of his head with a concussion. Parker is now stuck in his underwear and crying about that! And it's only 9 am in the morning! It is always something.

Now Bear and I think they are conspiring against us at night. If one is sleeping the other is awake! Parker has slept through the night since he was 5 months old, but now that he is 2 and a half he is awake. Bedtime/naptime is a battle. I am putting the gate back up in his doorway today! The last 2 nights have gone something like this...
7 pm-both boys are clean, fed, and ready for bed
7:15-Parker is in his bed, we are reading books, saying prayers, giving hugs and kisses
7:45-"night Parker, be quiet, your brother is sleeping"
7:46-Parker says "I need another hug and kiss" so I give in and do it
7:47-Parker says "I have to go potty" Mom says-"fine go, why isn't anything coming out Parker? Do you really have to go" two drops come out and he thinks he actually peed! Sigh from mom
7:52-"okay, back in bed. I love you, night, night"
7:52-"I need another hug and kiss" says Parker, "last one", says mom
7:56-"I need a drink of water" says Parker
7:57-"fine, one drink and then to bed" says mom
8:45 pm-finally I think he is sleeping...I tip toe past the door to actually go downstairs to possibly have an adult conversation with my husband
9pm-mommy's tired and in bed sleeping
11:30-Emmitt's hungry, I feed him quietly
11:47 I put him back in bed, he puts himself right back to sleep. Sometimes I wake up 2 hours later in the chair and we both were sleeping! That really frustrates me, because then he has only nursed one side and is nowhere near full!
11:53-mommy has fallen asleep (hard) and hears "mommy, I want you!". Parker is now awake
12:00 am-Parker is back in his bed-sometimes alone, sometimes Mommy or daddy have to lay with him
3:30 am-Emmitt is hungry again...seriously!
3:48 am-Emmitt is back in bed sleeping
4 am-I am sleeping again...Parker's little pat, pat, pat down the hallway "Mommmmy!"
4:01 am-Parker, Mommy and Daddy are in bed together-just GO TO SLEEP!
4:06 am-Daddy gets 5 kidney kicks and leaves to sleep in the twin Lightning McQueen bed
4:30 am-Parker, Mommy, Daddy and Emmitt are all sleeping
6 am-is that MY alarm already?

They look so sweet...but I truly know the 2 year old is testing his limits and is getting away with it. I have now set up a series to record Supernanny, maybe she can help me!

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FamilyGus said...

The going to bed part with Parker, I thought for a minute was my house. Sorry to scare you that it could happen for a couple more years, but Karlie is turning 4 and the excuses get newer (she came out the other night, you could see her mind turning to think up something new, and the she spit out her side hurt). Adam & I had to give her credit for creating a new one. Someone told me the terrible two's end around age 4, well, we only have 4 days left. We have SuperNanny taping too. :)