Monday, June 9, 2008


Well since Amy had her babies today I therefore had no Stephie, so I had the day off with the boys. A cold, rainy day off and inside to veg. Which I really needed since my mom and I did the Crop Walk yesterday-which was 8.5K-from Smokey Bear to Ranier. We took turns pushing the sleeping boys in the stroller. So today, I actually took it upon myself to buzz Parker's hair off. He started out enjoying the whole experience and then it tickled and then it turned into torture. He finally let me finish it in the bathtub and then he took a shower to get all the shaved hair off. He keeps rubbing it, saying "feels funny". I knew once I started shaving I should have maybe used the next setting instead of the 1/8" setting but it'll grow. It has been a great day-spending time with the boys together and individually. I actually got some time to myself too-they both took 2 hour naps AT THE SAME TIME!! WaHoo!

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