Monday, June 30, 2008

hmmm...why are you doing this to me?

What the heck did you just put in my mouth?
ish...that tastes like cardboard!
hmmm...maybe I could swallow a little
I would much rather play with Papa.
How about I eat his nose instead...

So, the first go round of feeding Emmitt oatmeal wasn't the greatest but I'll try again. I really don't like doing the food thing, mainly because it takes a long time to feed him. He's still little. "They" say 4-6 months you can start introducing solids...It's just easier to nurse him, no monkey business.
I kept him on his bottle schedule this weekend and it just about kills me to warm up a bottle for him. I pumped and then he fell asleep so I put it in the fridge until he woke up. 2 hours later he decides he's hungry so I warm up the water in the microwave and stick the bottle in it, have Bear test it..."freezing cold" he says, so I stick it back in the water, go change a diaper...come back and give myself a scald mark on my wrist. Way too I dump the water and start over with cold tap water, stick the bottle in there, bounce Emmitt, who is now STARVING, until it cools off!
Then the challenge of getting him to actually take the stupid thing...which I hate doing, but Bear was making supper so I did. And he finished it! I should mention he is much better at taking a bottle, he just farts around with it the whole time it is in his mouth. And sometimes he still screams at Stephie.
I made all of Parker's baby food and next weekend is the big event. Bear and I usually get up early on a weekend and start the pureeing factory in our kitchen. We put some music on and drink a pot of coffee together while we mash, freeze and organize all that food. He does it for the savings on money, I do it because I am a control freak and will know exactly what goes into my kid!

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