Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy 1st Father's Day of 2

Dear Daddy~we just wanted to tell you a few of the things we love so much about you.

Parker: "I love your whisker rubs" "when we go swimming" "when you call me sport" "I like when you put me in a trap and I get to kiss your ear to get out" "when you take my nose off" "I love your BIG hugs" "I love to play cars with you".

Emmitt: I love when you give me airplane rides, blow on my belly to make me giggle, I love to snuggle with you, I love jumping up and down on your lap.

From Your Wife/Mommy: I love the man you have become over these last 2 years. For 9 years I had you all to myself but you have grown from a young boy into a man. I love watching you with our boys. From the sweetness you had while I was pregnant and then being the true trooper you are and making it all through the labor and delivery right by my side. You thought you couldn't do it and you actually surprised me! We have said in the past and still to this day "you are my rock". I love how we can talk about anything and how we both work at our marriage and take time for one another. I love that "we" are a priority even when life gets busy. I love how routine our mornings are we always kiss goodbye and say we love each other. If we may start to forget, I love how Parker makes sure we all get big hugs and kisses before leaving for work. I love how we can lean on one another when things like work get hard and how we can pray together and aren't afraid to show our true emotions to each other. I love that you aren't afraid to show affection for me even after seeing me daily for 11 years! Thank you for being who you are and never wavering, but always changing for the better. It is what molds you into you. You are my true love and soulmate and I thank you for being a great father to our sons. You are my rock...

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