Tuesday, July 31, 2012

South Dakota!

One of the perks of traveling to other National Parks is that you get to take in all their beauty!  While on my week away to South Dakota I am being spoiled rotten off hours to make up for all the pain and punishment of having policies and procedures beat into my brain during the day!  Monday night we went through Wind Cave National Park and Custer State Park.  The drive is breathtaking and indescribable!  I had initially told Bear I didn't want to see this territory with out him and the boys.  Well that changed in a hurry when the girls form the office told me, no way, no how was I going to come this close and not see it!  I saw animals in their natural habitat.  From buffalo to wild turkeys and pronghorn to prairie dogs!  I am kicking myself for leaving the nice camera at home and having to take pictures with my iPhone!  But at least I have something to show the kids...either way it doesn't describe the true beauty of the area.  We ate at the Blue Bell restaurant which was a great experience in itself.  We saw the destruction of the wild fire from last week.  The damage to the forests was so shocking to see, but the silver lining is that no homes were lost during the 9,000+ acre burn.  Tomorrow we are heading to Mount Rushmore and then out to dinner.  Thursday night it is back to Rapid City to a "block party" of some kind in their down town area.  Apparently every Thursday night the downtown is blocked off and there is all kinds of businesses that come together to have sales, street dances, music and food.  Convenient for me, since I am staying in Rapid City that night to catch an early morning flight out on Friday.

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