Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cash Register=You WILL learn how to count back change!

 How many people reading this know how to count back change?  How many teenagers do you think know how to count back change?  With out the cash register, calculator, phone most people know how anymore?  Well I learned at Fast Eddie's when I was 14 and by golly, my kids are going to know how too!

 The kids had ventured to the out door shop last night with Shelby.  I gave them $5 to buy lures and jigs and crap for something to do.  Then I came home with a cash register from my boss (since they are moving to Alaska, they are finding all sorts of things to pass on to my kids).  The thing still works and works well!  At first the boys were just banging around on it and printing out receipts and enjoying the fake money...

But I quickly realized that I could teach them about money a bit more.  Parker had learned some money handling, change counting and recognition this school year.  I am certain my kids' brains have rotted all summer and they don't remember a thing.  So we did a quick run through of the "monies" as Emmitt likes to call all money and set the kids to work.  Parker quickly made his own out door store and handed us each a pile of play cash.  We pitched in some real coins and he rang us up as we purchased items from his very cool store.  At one point he told me I couldn't be behind the register (I was only trying to help him give me my change back) and that I had to stand on the other side because I am a customer!  The nerve! 

Grandpa quickly realized that it was cheaper to buy fish from the store than it was to buy the jig.  Parker was charging like $70 for a jig and $3 for a gun case!  That concept was missed a bit.  But Bear sat there and helped him read the numbers on the register and count us back our correct change.  No granted he is a bit young to do the math part of counting back, but he quickly caught on to which bills were bigger and how to add the coins together.  It was pretty amazing at how fast it came back to him. 

Emmitt scored some huge discounts, I think he got one because he is the brother!  But the cash register sits in my living room and it's new to the boys, so of course they want to play with it, so I plan on cramming as much money math into them that I can!

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