Sunday, July 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Bear!

When you turn 36, what do you really want for your birthday?  Well in Bear's case it was mimosa's, zucchini bread and to watch the sun rise.  So we made zucchini bread yesterday.  I ran to the liquor store for champagne. I ran to the grocery store for sparkling juice for the kids.  When I came home he asked where I had all been.  I told him and he said, "I wasn't serious."   Well, we did everything he wanted except watch the sun rise!  Forget it.  I half wanted to wake him up when it was rising but didn't.  We did add to the festivities and I made fried venison steaks.  We toasted a Happy Birthday to Bear with our mimosas and enjoyed a very odd yet satisfying breakfast.

Tammy sent a super funny jib jab. A little "jab" at Bear and I because we have been doing the Insanity Workout.

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